Whispers from the Holy Land–Wilderness of Destiny

We visited the Judean Wilderness where David hid from King Saul for many years accompanied by his growing army. The desert is bordered by the Mountains of Judea to the west and the Dead Sea to the east, so the area is dry, occupying mainly rocky cliffs and caves. I pondered how David could survive in this arid land with a band of men and their families. I looked onto the jagged landscape and watched as David’s Spring trickled down the mountainous crevices. “Okay,” I thought. “They have a little water. But how did they all survive so many years Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Psalm 139.12

God’s Light in the Shadows “Even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for the darkness is as light with you” (Psalm 139.12). God allowed David to live in the darkness of caves for many years. David ran for his life from King Saul, a reckless leader appointed by God to shape David into a man after His own heart. In the darkness, David poured out his distress to God through music, and he finally came to the understanding that the darkness does not change God’s goodness. King David learned that even in Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Psalm 18.35

  The Gentleness of God “You have also given me the shield of Your salvation; Your right hand has held me up, Your gentleness has made me great” (Psalm 18.35 NKJV). It seems odd that the terms “gentleness” and “greatness” should be used in the same sentence. God has just rescued David from the murderous hands of King Saul again, and David is singing a Psalm of praise and appreciation to God. Even though David has been promised the throne by God, David must wait many years, hiding and running from his predecessor, before the promise comes to fruition. God has allowed Continue reading

Daily Life Devotional: Day 14

Achieving Our Throne Sometimes I become impatient with God’s promises. He has designed each of us for a specific purpose; and if we listen intently enough, we will come to understand that purpose. But why doesn’t God bring that purpose to fruition right away? Why must we obediently wait on the path to that purpose forging our way through circumstances, people and situations that seem wholly unrelated? When I ask these questions in frustration, I think of King David. God promised King David in his youth that he would be king of all Israel, but David had to wait many Continue reading

Verse Meditation: 1 Chronicles 21.20

  Diligent Work “Now Ornan turned and saw the angel; and his four sons who were with him hid themselves, but Ornan continued threshing wheat” (1 Chronicles 21.20 NKJV). King David’s reign had become mighty, and he decided to take a census of Israel against God’s wishes. Since censuses have been done in the past without dire consequences, it could be assumed that David’s motives instigating this particular census found in 1 Chronicles 21 and in 2 Samuel 24 were not pure. Pride was probably the main motivator of this census, and God sent an angel to destroy Israel (21.15). Continue reading

Verse Meditation: 1 Chronicles 12.38

Keeping Ranks “All these men of war, who could keep ranks, came to Hebron with a loyal heart, to make David king over all Israel; and all the rest of Israel were of one mind to make David King” (1 Chronicles 12.38 NKJV). After King Saul died, David became king over Judah for seven years while King Saul’s lineage lingered in Israel. Civil unrest between the two political houses was fierce, and disputes ending in death multiplied. Finally after seven years, King David was anointed by a nation with a unified voice and heart. There are many reasons why God Continue reading

Verse Meditation: 1 Chronicles 11.10

Attributes of a Mighty Person “Now these were the heads of the mighty men whom David had, who strengthened themselves with him in his kingdom, with all Israel, to make him king, according to the word of the Lord concerning Israel” (1 Chronicles 11.10 NKJV). God cultivated David’s future kingship and molded his heart while David hid in caves and ran from the injustice of Saul. During this time, David collected quite an interesting group of followers who formed a motely crew of an army. According to 1 Samuel 22.2, these men were “distressed,” “in debt,” and “discontented.” However, they Continue reading

The Stillness of Surrender

“The emptiness of an open heart creates a cavity for God to fill, but a closed mind never receives.”  -Bishop T.D. Jakes I blinked and my pupils dilated in the dark. I jerked my head forward, banging my nose against the wall. I rolled onto my back and lifted my upper body with my elbows, trying to figure out where I was. I saw the outside light lining the shut door of my prayer room. I faced the door and followed the sunlit edge with my eyes, thinking back to God’s promise: “I know all the things you do, and I Continue reading

Verse Meditation: 1 Kings 5.7

Godly Connections “So it was, when Hiram heard the words of Solomon, that he rejoiced greatly and said, ‘Blessed be the LORD this day, for He has given David a wise son over this great people!” (1 Kings 5.7 NKJV). King David was both greatly loved and hated by many people. Hiram, king of Tyre, is an example of someone who loved David (1 Kings 5.1). King David must have influenced those who admired him with a great understanding and respect for God, since King Hiram so easily blessed the Lord for giving David a wise heir. During Solomon’s early years as king, Continue reading

Verse Meditation: 1 Kings 2.17

The Treason of Flattery “”Then he said, ‘Please speak to King Solomon, for he will not refuse you, that he may give me Abishag the Shunammite as a wife’” (1 Kings 2.17 NKJV). Adonijah is still trying to steal the throne from his brother, Solomon; but instead of taking it outright this time, he tries to scheme his way onto the throne by using flattery. Adonijah goes to the king’s mother, Bathsheba, to ask if she will influence young Solomon to give him Abishag as his wife. This request seems innocent enough, but it is chock-full of indecency, trickery and deceitfulness. Abishag is a Continue reading

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