Hammering Fork: Internet Cafe

As we were eating breakfast this morning, my husband told our oldest son—who may have been talking more than he was eating—to put his fork to work. My son instantly smiled and started to pretend that the fork was a hammer—hammering his eggs and bacon like they were nails on a wall. My husband then said, “That’s not how a fork works.” And my son quickly replied, “Well, you told me to put it to work.” I watched the scene unfold and laughed under my breath. Seeing the fork being used as a hammer was hilarious. Forks were used to Continue reading

A Parable: The Butterfly Princess

  A Butterfly Princess was born on a Tuesday morning one early spring day. She had golden antennas like her King Papa and lavender wings like her Queen Mama. However, the princess’s parents were both shocked to see a splash of fervent scarlet like fiery flames across her lavender forewings. The princess’s parents feared for their beautiful Butterfly Princess. They did not want the Swift Sparrow to see her scarlet flames and gulp her down. They pleaded with her never to fly, for they loved her more than their words could say. So she learned to keep her wings closed Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Micah 7.7

Look to the Lord “But as for me, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me” (Micah 7.7 ESV). There is nothing wrong with receiving and giving help to others. God made people to be social beings that need one another. However, the help from others is directly stemmed from God. He is the Maker of everything, and He can move the hearts of people to intervene in the lives of others. So when we seek help, we must always go to the Lord first and foremost. And Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Micah 6.3

Perfect Morality “O my people, what have I done to you? How have I wearied you? Answer me!” (Micah 6.3 ESV). God has perfect morality. His morality is eternal, and it is complete. God’s own morality mandates that He cannot commit sin—nothing tainted with the ugly stains of evil can come from God. The only exception is when Jesus took our sins, losing His morality on our behalf. He chose to lay down His life for us, but because He is God, He was able to take His life up again. With God’s perfect morality in mind, we must conclude Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Micah 4.7

Cast-offs “And I will make the lame a remnant, and those who were cast off a strong nation; and the Lord shall reign over them in Mount Zion from this time forth and forever” (Micah 4.7 AMP) A cast-off is someone who has been thrown away, devalued or seen as useless. All Christian have or will experience being a cast-off in the world’s eyes (even in Christian circles) as they walk the path to their destiny. God loves the underdog, and He loves seeing His children circumvent the world’s system to greatness. When God honors us outside of the world’s Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Micah 3.5

Prophecy of Truth “Thus says the Lord concerning the prophets who lead my people astray, who cry ‘Peace’ when they have something to eat, but declare war against him who put nothing into their mouths” (Micah 3.5 ESV). Nothing can cause crankiness more than when we are hungry. Food is one of our most basic human needs. Hunger definitely affects people’s moods, which alters their perception of reality, skewing their understanding of truth. A prophet is someone who claims that he or she has a word from God. This word doesn’t necessarily have to be vision of the future; rather, Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Micah 1.9

Incurable Wounds “For her wound is incurable, and it has come to Judah; it has reached to the gate of my people, to Jerusalem” (Micah 1.9 ESV). Micah lived during a time in which Judah had not yet been totally annihilated by Babylon. But there was a sickness of sin in Judah that had festered so long that it finally made its way to the heart of Judah, which was Jerusalem where God’s Holy Temple was located. God wanted to heal Judah of its sin, but the people denied their sickness for so long that the wound they carried became Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Jonah 4.4

Do You do Well to be Angry? “And the Lord said, ‘Do you do well to be angry?’” (Jonah 4.4 ESV). Jonah was angry with God. Jonah finally submitted to go to Nineveh and give the people a prophecy of doom and gloom because of their sinful living. But instead of the city hardening their hearts against God and His warning, they repented. And God relented from His anger and gave Nineveh a second chance—the very same second chance Jonah was given. Jonah was not happy about the second chance because the prophecy he had struggled so hard to give Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Jonah 2.9

A Declaration of Thanksgiving “But I with the voice of Thanksgiving will sacrifice to you; what I have vowed I will pay. Salvation belongs to the Lord!” (Jonah 2.9 ESV). Jonah’s life was literally in the pit of despair. He found himself in the belly of a whale for three days. He would have been knee deep in organic, decaying material surrounded by soggy darkness with no hope in sight. The hardest sacrifice to offer God is our thanksgiving when we find ourselves in our own personal pit of despair. When there is no hope and we are knee deep Continue reading

Verse Meditation: Jonah 1.16

Victory and Failure “Then the men feared the Lord exceedingly, and they offered a sacrifice to the Lord and made vows” (Jonah 1.16 ESV). Jonah had sinned against the Lord by trying to run away to Tarshish when God had called him to prophecy to Ninehveh. While he was on the boat to Tarshish, God caused a great storm to threaten the boat and risk the lives of the workers on board. When the workers finally threw Jonah overboard, the storm quieted. Even though Jonah was living in sin, God was able to use the situation to further His glory Continue reading

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