Whispers from the Holy Land — Skull Hill (Golgatha)

Right inside the busy city of Jerusalem (just outside the ancient city walls) is where many people believe the crucifixion and burial of Jesus took place. One of the most difficult adjustments I had to make in my thinking was how close in proximity the biblical events occurred. So much happened in one little portion of this world. The death and resurrection of Jesus was such a monumental event, and it was hard to comprehend that it was just down the street from a bus stop, market and office building. The other preconceived notion that I had to shake was Continue reading

Whispers from the Holy Land — Wailing Wall

The fact that I walked the city streets of Jerusalem, making my way to the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) for Shabbat (like the Christian Sabbath) still fills me with awe and gratitude. Just before sunset, the Jewish people (including many Christians) gather together at the wall, praying and crying out to God. There is a male side and a female side of the wall, and men and women write their prayer requests on slips of paper and tuck them into the crevices of the ancient wall. Many people sing, dance, read their religious literature and lean on each other for Continue reading

Whispers from the Holy Land–Wilderness of Destiny

We visited the Judean Wilderness where David hid from King Saul for many years accompanied by his growing army. The desert is bordered by the Mountains of Judea to the west and the Dead Sea to the east, so the area is dry, occupying mainly rocky cliffs and caves. I pondered how David could survive in this arid land with a band of men and their families. I looked onto the jagged landscape and watched as David’s Spring trickled down the mountainous crevices. “Okay,” I thought. “They have a little water. But how did they all survive so many years Continue reading

Internet Cafe–Uncomfortable Faith

Our family dog, Rusty, hates driving in cars. His miniature dachshund body quivers, and he whimpers nervous cries. He anxiously jumps up and down on the car seats, so the kids have learned to hold him securely. When he looks out of the car window, he whines impatiently, and it’s obvious to all of us that he can’t wait until the car ride is over. But the interesting thing is that when we head toward the hallway that leads to the garage, he automatically runs with us. Most of the time, we leave him in the house when we go Continue reading

Whispers from the Holy Land–Dead Sea

The area around the Dead Sea looks much like the desert planet Tatooine from Star Wars. The atmosphere surrounding the lake creates a yellow haze, and the hot sun shimmers off the salt-dusted sand. An obvious void of life encircles the briny, thick water for miles. Not only is the Dead Sea one of the “deadest” places on earth, it is also the deepest at 1,300 feet below sea level. The “dead” and the “deep” attributes of the Dead Sea really struck a chord with me on my trip to the Holy Land. Ezekiel chapter 47 describes a symbolic rebirth Continue reading

Whispers from the Holy Land–Fiction

Although I write mostly nonfiction on my blog (besides my fiction meditation posts), my heart is wrapped up in the story-telling found in fiction. I didn’t read a lot growing up, but during the few books I could force myself consume, my mind would open up to the magical world of the imagination. It wasn’t until my twenties that I learned to sit still long enough to cultivate the discipline of reading. Now I read a lot. I have books everywhere. And I find myself drawn more and more to the world of my own stories. I love the complexity Continue reading

Whispers from the Holy Land–Gratitude

Before I left for Israel, my specific prayer to God was to know the person of Jesus more. God is my Father, and the Holy Spirit is my constant companion. I know that Jesus died for my sins, but I desired to know Him like the Disciples knew Him, especially witnessing the humiliation of His dying on the cross and the glory of His resurrection. While in Jerusalem, we went to the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu where it is thought to be the location of Caiaphas’s house, the High Priest. Down in the cellar of the house is where many Continue reading

Whispers from the Holy Land–Excavation

  Our tour guide took us to an excavation site in the middle of busy downtown Jerusalem. Before the dig began, this bustling area was used as a bus station for the city’s transportation system. They had to actually move the entire bus depot to a new location, and I found it weird that archeologist and volunteers could be found digging in a gaping, gigantic hole with traffic careening all around. Layers of history from the First Temple Period all the way to the Ottoman Empire lay exposed, while growth and activity progressed on all four sides of the enclosed Continue reading

Leah Adams: HeBrews: A Better Blend

    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11.1 KJV). Paul writes his thoughts concerning “faith” in the book of Hebrews. Faith is the bridge from our physical lives to our spirituals lives. It is the life line from this life to the next. Once we die and reach our lives in heaven, our faith will transform into our eternal reward. “So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you!” – Hebrews 10.35 (NLT) Faith is a spiritual journey, and we Continue reading

Granola Bar Devotional: Glory Inside

I enjoy giving my kids massages about once a week. I know that the movement and light pressure on their skin and muscles help with the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, thereby improving overall health. Plus, it’s an excuse for me to love on them in a tangible way. My kids have gotten so used to their weekly rub downs that they run to the massage table with smiles and eagerly stretch out ready to relax. Once particular afternoon, the weather was very stormy. You could hear the rain beating down on the roof and the thunder rolling and lightening cracking Continue reading