The Power of Bulking, Cutting & Maintaining

It is interesting how much control we can really have over our bodies when we put our mind and will to it. We actually have the ability to gain, lose and maintain the weight of our physique, and we don’t need a miracle pill to help us. I think we struggle with not being able to move our weight according to our desire is two reasons: knowledge and self-control. For those of you who don’t know, bulking, cutting and maintaining are bodybuilding terms. Bulking means gaining weight, cutting means losing weight and maintaining means keeping your weight steady (plus or minus a few pounds). Continue reading

The Power of Obedience

Obedience is a subject that is greatly misunderstood and devalued in our society, but its importance to our walks of faith is no less essential today. I tell my children all the time that without obedience, they will completely miss their God-given destiny. Individuals can have talent, knowledge and charisma, but without the fortified roots of obedience, their intentions will be empty of action and the their lives will be void of results. Obedience is the energy force that keeps us going even when everything inside of us tells us to quit. They key to an elevated life with Christ Continue reading

The Power of a Coach

My friend,Tasha, who is coaching me for my bodybuilding competition, has her own set of coaches. She surrounds herself with others in her field of study who have insights from which she can glean. She is not content with the wealth of knowledge that she has already acquired over years of training–she wants to keep bettering herself and her skills. Learning never stops. We all can get better at our craft every day by submitting ourselves to the leadership of others and soaking up their knowledge. Unlike any time in history, our culture has a deluge of information, resources and Continue reading

The Power of Understanding

I met my coach, Tasha, at the gym, and, after our warm up, we began doing dead lifts with a rouge trap bar. We added 55 pounds on each side, so the load was heavy. As we began lifting, Tasha noticed that her coach, Jeff Paluseo, was doing some consulting with the other trainers at the gym (all coaches should have their own coach, so they can grow in their field). She waved him down, and he oversaw our workout for that morning. I began my dead lift, and Jeff discussed with me how to better my form. Also, he Continue reading

The Power of Fellowship

I think when we are alone facing a trial, everything is much more difficult. We feel lost and confused, and it is easy to fall prey self-pity and defeat. However, when we surround ourselves by others going through the same difficulty, we find the support we need to continue on. God will handpick a diverse group of people walking the same road of difficulty to enter our season of hardship, buffering our resolve with the encouragement, motivation and accountability of others. “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5.11 (ESV) Continue reading

The Power of Good Form

As a writer, I’m all too familiar with the importance of good form. I remember one day that I edited for 12 hours in a row! I didn’t realize while I was typing, but my laptop sat on a desk that was too high, and I was holding up my arms as I typed. Also, the laptop was several inches under my eye level, so I had to bend my head down to see what I was typing. By the time I finished, my trapezoid muscles were burning from holding my shoulders up and leaning my head down. Finally, a Continue reading

Internet Cafe: Numbered Days

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90.12 NIV). I love celebrating the New Year. As each year flips to the next on our calendars, we learn to “number our days.” Life on this earth allows us to become the people we will be for eternity. We have many chances in the life we’ve been given, but we only have one life to mature spiritually into our heavenly existence. Sometimes we can get so caught up in daily living that we forget to have an eternal perspective. But when we have our Continue reading

The Power of Prayer

My coach, Tasha, has an injury in her hip and I have one in my neck. I finally realized that my form while lifting weights and typing on the computer was incorrect. I hold my shoulders up (instead of sticking my chest out) while I write and lift weights, which causes my trapezius muscle (traps) to fatigue and become irritated. So we decided to go into the sauna at the gym to relax our muscles and ease both of our injuries. As we were sitting in the hot water relaxing, we began a conversation with a young MMA fighter. I Continue reading

The Power of Positive Words

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear” (Ephesians 4.29 ESV). Some of my muscles are weaker than others. I realized that doing the same exercise routine for almost a year now has caused disproportionate strength in my body. As I started lifting heavier weights, I could feel the distinction between different muscles groups, especially in my upper body. I somehow strained a major muscle group in my back–either the rhomboids or trapezius. I know that injuries Continue reading

The Fit Challenge

I’ve don’t really discuss a lot about fitness and health on my blog. I’ve spent years getting to know God and who I am in Christ as a writer. I developed my writing ability, and as I struggled to communicate my thoughts with truth and love, I discovered just how much God had to mold and shape me into a new creation. I wasn’t born a writer in the natural, so God had to do a supernatural work in my life. However, fitness and health have always come easily to me. I wanted to double major in English and Kinesiology Continue reading